"Aerosol Warfare" has been supporting the graffiti and street art scene for over 25 years. What started with a quarterly video magazine in the 1990s—grew into collaborations on art projects with other like minded artists.   Aerosol Warfare is defined by years of supporting, promoting and exhibiting graffiti and street art nationally.

Join Aerosol Warfare and Houston Urban Experience (HUE) Mural Festival for a Pop-Up exhibition Featuring local artists and more.  Local artists and fellow artists from around the world will be celebrating another year of murals during HUE 2017."

New Museum The Graffiti and Street Art Museum of Texas thegasamtexas.org

HUE Mural Festival Inspired by Houston First, NEW DATES! Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 - Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017


Located in Aerosol Warfare Gallery: 110 Jefferson & Hutchins St. suite 113






ArtcrawlHouston's Printer, Allegra, Goes the extra mile.

"Allegra will be the leading value-added marketing solutions and graphic communications provider, solving problems on the front and back end of the project and exceeding customer expectations with quality, on-time performance."


Allegra is a derivation of "allegro," which is a musical term that means pick up the tempo and make livelier. In Spanish it means to please, make happy or brighten. The Allegra name reflects the highly responsive way we provide service to our customers.







Located in Houston Texas 15020 Mintz Lane

bisong art gallery

Bisong Art Gallery

Bisong Art Gallery specializes in contemporary art from emerging and mid-career artists. Each artist has a variety of unique techniques and skills used in creating their art.

The gallery is open by appointment only and can assist clients in their home or special corporate projects from selection to installation.







Located in Erie City Iron Works 1305 Sterrett Street






Blumenthal Sheet Metal

103 Years of service to Houston






Located in Houston Foundry 1710 Burnett Street


Deer Slug


Deer Slug Inside

Deer Slug Studio

"My work, while abstract, attempts to represent specific emotional instances or conflicts that occur within my mind and/or heart and/or “soul.”"

Deerslug Studio is a working artist studio which features the works of artist Stephanie Gonzalez,
a local full time artist who creates works using unconventional materials. and Chris Gercham.


Stephanie Gonzalez
Abstract Artist | Designer
E-mail: info@stephaniegonzalez.net
Website: sgabstractart.jimdo.com
Instagram: me_gusta_pintar_si
Twitter: megustapintarsi


Located in 20 /20 Studios aka Deer Slug Studio2020 Commerce

Photo Credit: Muzzewump




Elder Street

There is no Artspace project which sits on land with greater historical interest than the Elder Street Artist Lofts. A municipal cemetery was established on the site in the 1840s, and over the next few decades thousands of people were buried here. The cemetery was not maintained, however, and in the early 1920s the Houston City Council decided to build a new municipal hospital on the site. Completed in 1924 and long known as the Jefferson Davis Hospital, the building is a handsome red brick structure in the Classical Revival style. Houston’s rapid growth soon rendered it inadequate, and in 1938 a new hospital replaced it. Over the years, the building housed a variety of tenants, but it stood vacant for two decades before Artspace entered the picture. Completed in 2005, this $6.3 million project houses 34 live/work units, many of which offer spectacular views of the downtown skyline. The building’s original terrazzo floors, high ceilings and large window openings all were retained. One feature of the project is a partial “green” roof — the first Artspace project to feature this environmentally sustainable amenity.








Located in Erie City Iron Works 1101 Elder Street







Public & Private Events: Fundraisers, Benefits, Art & Craft Shows e.g. Vintage Events etc.

An intimate music venue with tables inside (of varying sizes.) The bar/patio is great for any cocktail event. With tables, banquetes and barstools this area creates an exclusive atmosphere perfect to share with co-workers and friends for an after work Happy Hour Party.


houstonpress article


Booking Agent: Melissa Escobedo


Eastdown Warehouse 850 McKee Street Houston Texas 77002


picture by Lisa Griffin

Last Concert Cafe is a sponser of ArtCrawlHouston 2016 thank you Dawn


picture by Lisa Griffin


lastconcertcafe @ sbcglobal.net          




Located at Last Concert Cafe1403 Nance


this Year Featuring Art From:

Dee Franklin, Lisa Hilton , Janice Jackson, Cherie Salinas, Sayra Vallejo, Angela Walling, Joseph Ybarra.


Los Muetos

Los Muertos Tattoos Studio


As each individual is unique, Los Muertos Tattoo Studio pridefully creates custom tattoos for each individual. The dedicated artist are please to create meaningful, significant, distinctive and realistic body art for each of their customers. In addition, Los Muertos is an art filled studio that seconds as a gallery, exposing their creations from ink to paint.


losmuertostattoostudio @ yahoo.com          





Located in ErieCity Iron Works on Richey Street and 1310 Nance




offers services focused on project management, design, and construction of facilities where people HEAL, LEARN, WORK and / or GATHER.


This Year Featuring; Dianne k.

dianne k. webb is best known for her color rich conceptual paintings that translate her current ideas, inspirations, and wonderings into abstract visual elements. Large works in oil and mixed media on canvas as well as ink works on paper often combine figurative with geometric elements to express the ideas of transformation; love and the struggles of relationship; the struggles of democracy and capitalism; death and dying; and various aspects of the individual’s ever morphing identity.

The artists work has been exhibited across the U.S. and in Canada. She has work in several private collections across the country.

Born in Maine, Webb is the middle generation of three generations of visual, literary, healing and performing artists. Webb, also a theater director, is the founder of Next Iteration Theater in Houston. She holds a BA and an MFA from Lesley University.

Dianne K. Webb has made her home and art for the last eleven years in Houston, Texas.

Join me during this year's ArtCrawl and share the opening of my twelve newest pieces that explore the Japanese idea of MA, the interval, the space between.




mmorton @ m-architects.com





Located in Fifth Ward Hotel 1206 Nance




Missions 4 NewLife

M4NL thrives due to the hard work of many talented and gifted volunteers who serve at the New Life Center. Financial donations from sponsors is an excellent way to support people from all walks of life and every corner of the planet looking for ways of expressing themselves through the arts—music, performance, visual, writing, culinary, gardening, horticulture — Visit our Community Garden.  Sow Seeds for the Harvest. 

     Together, we can make Art powerful Medicine









Located in M4NL Warehouse 805 Hardy Street



Zink X Lashley, Jajah Gray.









O'Kane Gallery


Natalia Anciso ,


October 26 - December 7, 2017

Natalia Anciso creates art predicated on realities and legends of her upbringing. Her works are visual records of family, community, and border culture along her native Rio Grande. These Borderlands are currently ravaged by poverty, human trafficking, and the escalating Mexican Drug War. The Rio Grande cuts one land and people in two, like a wound, bleeding a legacy of pain, tears, and struggle that have beset the area for generations. Anciso's family has resided in this geographic territory for over four generations.

Aspire | Aspirar includes examples of individual works from several of her series over the past six years. They represent a close look at the struggle of the silent and underserved whose experiences have motivated the artist's calling and her craft.

image: Primos, (Smile Series), 2015, Pen and Watercolor, 12" diameter.

(713) 221-8042





Located in University of Houston Downtown One Main Street

UHD directions

Free UHD parking for artcrawlhouston2015.






Super Happy Fun Land is Houston's venue for experimental electronic music, underground jazz, and outsider art! Featuring: 
Super Happy Theater with room for 290 folks, SHFL Art Gallery,
Super Fun Patio, and

SHFL Lending Library.
A great place for fundraisers and private parties!

Featuring Ken Jones

info @ superhappyfunland.com


Located in Super Happy Fun Land 3801 Polk Street


The Artist Gallery @ Hardy & Nance Studios


Hardy Street Studios now joins Nance Street Studios in Houston's historic, downtown art/warehouse district to provide 15,000sf of good, affordable, air-conditioned working space for area artists. All under one big roof. It is already home to painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, fabric artists, photographers & videographers, and the space will accommodate most visual arts media.


hoteltango88 @ yahoo.com




Located in The Hardy & Nance Studios 902 Hardy at Nance



Flower & Garden Show @ Mother Dog Studios

A hanging garden rainbow of art work

"green house/hot house/garden state/garter snake


/wild flowers/silk flowers/plastic flowers/wall flowers/

zen garden/monet’s water lily/nat king cole’s rambling rose…

van gogh’s sunflower/santana’s moonflower
garden of eden/garden of paradise/garden of earthly delights

in the midnight garden/where the blue moon says/I love you


Katy Anderson, Yousef Balat, Suzanne Banning,Tanna Bennett, N. Blanca, Magdalene Boltz-Wilson, Emily Burgess, Andreś and Camila Carrette, Jefferson Carroll, Fernando Casas, Penny Cerling, Mark Cervenka, Liz Conces Spencer, Lacey Crawford, Chris Dethloff Greene, Peter Dickson, Alix Dunn, Carter Ernst, Leslie Field, Jo Ann Fleischhauer, Richard E. Fluhr, Mary Forbes, Jeffery Forster, Tarina Frank, Ken Frederick, Hazel Ganze, Dixie Friend Gay, Martha Gibson, Wayne Gilbert, Tim Glover, Ron Gordon Michael Golden, Ivy Elizabeth Greer, Mitch Samuels grystar, Tristan Hadley, Bill W. Hailey, Barbara Hall, Mary Margaret Hansen, Barbara Harmer, Sarah Hazel, Anne Reese Hernandez, Gene Hester, Keith Hollingsworth, Daniel Johnson, Charles Jones, Corinne Jones, Solomon Kane,Stephen P. Keller, Paul Kittelson, Sharon Kopriva, Len Kowitz, George Krause, Steven Lesser, Liza Littlefield, Marguerite Locke, Zoanna Daluz Maney, Ken Mazzu, Randall McCabe, Trina McIsaac, Patrick Medrano, Bill Meek, Jo El Mercer, Allison Miller, Randall Mosman, Maxine C. Mueller, Audrey Niederlitz, Jim Nolan, Ellen Orseck, Sherry Owens, Grace Phillips, Silvia Pinto Souza, Linda Post, Cynthia Reid, Carol Rensink, Keith Roy, John Runnels, Charlie Jean Sartwelle, Mireille Schellhorn, Louise Schlachter, Tim Schneider, Judith Shamp, John Slaby, Tra' Slaughter, T. Smith, Earl Staley, Frances Carter Stephens, Donna Villarreal, Frank Sherwood White, Ed Wilson, Elena Cusi Wortham, Jo Zider.


motherdogstudios @ earthlink.net



Located in The MotherDogStudios 720 Walnut


The Silo, the Place where the improbable becomes the possible.

From the ashes of Comet Rice Mill came a unique venue for the arts and education.
A hybird place that fosters creativity and allow for new fronters of expresion and education. Current and Past programs feature: Urban Farming, Film production, Movie viewing , Music, Videos, Weddings, Receptions, Photo Shoots, Memorials, Parties , Classes and Workshops all on our 7 acres.


This year The Silo is featuring Leandra DiBuelna.

kfjc @ aol.com


Located in The Silo 4601 Clinton Drive
















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